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Our products are currently in beta status. They're feature complete, but there may be some rough edges. We'd still like you to become our customer during this period. In return for being an early adopter, by purchasing our products during the beta period, you'll get the same level of support as you would with the final product at half the price. In addition, when we come out of beta your services will automatically be changed to the regular product and your first year will start on that date.

This page is currently in test mode, it is not possible to buy our products yet. It will be a couple of days before we go live. You can reach us at info@zoranix.net in the meantime.

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Self Support Beta

Early adopter for our self support product. Self-support gets you a license to use our software and access to our account management portal.

Basic Support Beta

Our basic support package beta. Email and phone support during business hours, 4 business hour response time. Systems may be run on physical or virtual systems.

Virtual Host Package Beta

Our basic support package for groups of virtual machines. You may install and run Zoranix on up to ten virtual hosts all running under one hypervisor.


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